08 December 2012

Shiro Cosmetics haul - initial photos

Came back early this morning to find my package from Shiro Cosmetics in my mailbox. (As you can see in the pictures below, it was pretty small.)
For now, here are some photos; I'll have swatches and reviews available once deadlines and exams have temporarily switched from pummelling me with gauntlets, to pummelling me with fists.

The padded envelope it came in was quite small--about the size of half a sheet of paper. The actual contents of the order were inside of an even smaller brown paper envelope, sealed with a stamp (which I suppose is my one-cent rebate. Thanks!). There were also two pieces of candy and an invoice with a hand-written 'Thanks, enjoy! <3', which was a nice touch.

Huh? Where is everything?

The contents of the little brown bag: three Intertubes colour balms; four full-sized eyeshadow jars; four mini eyeshadow jars; four sample eyeshadows packets; and a standard-sized business card (provided most conveniently to show scale in these photos). The sample-sized pouch of Victory Road was my free sample for this order.

KER-PLODE!! There it all is.

Legends (Zelda) and Super Effective (Pokemon) collection eyeshadows:
Left to right: Boomerang, I Like Shorts, Sweet Honey

For Science (Portal) collection eyeshadows:
Left to right: Are You Still There?, For Science, There Will Be Cake

Mini jars don't come with stickers, but they can be requested (pre-applied, or still on the sheet) for 20 cents each. Since I am a superficial person who cares somewhat about what her stash looks like, I opted for this. (Hey, I probably wouldn't have ordered the Intertubes, or the dollar-extra Nick Cage eyeshadow, if not for the hilarious packaging...)

The ones with the black lids are full-sized.

Comparison of the full versus mini eyeshadow jars:
Full-sized (Are You Still There?) on the left, mini jar on the right.

I placed my order on the morning of Black Friday, 23 Nov; received my shipping notification on 4 Dec; and was delivered the package on 7 Dec. Better turn-around time than Geek Chic Cosmetics, with whom I also placed an order on the same day; the latter promise to ship by 13 Dec. So good job to these guys.

Shiro Cosmetics ship out of Portland, Oregon.

Looking forward to reviewing!

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