06 May 2014

Review: Beauteque Asian Beauty Store

Because my skin gets dry, irritated and pimply from all-nighters I've been pulling for midterms, I've been getting into Asian skincare as of very late.

Beauteque is an online store that sells primarily Korean make-up and skincare products, as well as a few Japanese (Koji), Taiwanese (My Beauty Diary) and other (Bioderma; random manufacturer-unspecified jewellerey) items. Being US-based, their shipping prices are low to free within the US; but they ship internationally.

I found out about Beauteque from a promotional post in the Asian Beauty subreddit. They had a $2 off $13.90 promotion (ongoing as of this post) and free shipping on any purchase (no longer), so I ordered a $14.60 box of ten My Beauty Diary face masks, and one individual $2 sheet mask. Then I figured I should take advantage of the last days of the free shipping, and grabbed another box.
(Note: They seem to track customers by IP + email address, so you could easily re-use the same promo code on multiple orders. Not that I condone being a douche to small businesses.)

The relatively new company is operated out of New Jersey; I'm across the country, in California. The turnaround timeline looked like this for me:

  • Monday, 28 Apr, evening: Place order #1.
  • Tuesday, 29 Apr, afternoon: Receive two e-mails at the same time, one saying that order #1 status is now 'Completed', and the other saying that it is now 'Shipped'. Place order #2 soon after.
  • Wednesday, 30 Apr, afternoon: Receive the same two e-mails for order #2.
  • Saturday, 3 May, evening: Receive two e-mails at the same time, for both order #1 and #2, saying that order status is now 'Awaiting Fulfillment'. (These ones confused me; I wasn't sure if they were intended to have been sent.)
  • Tuesday, 6 May: Receive both packages in the mail.
This puts total turn-around time at one week. Not as fast as ordering the masks off Amazon with Prime, which generally costs about the same as Beauteque (with Beauteque being a little cheaper with use of a promo code); but definitely faster than ordering from sellers abroad.

Left: order #2; right: order #2. Even the right one contained less--just one box of masks, it came in a proportionally huge box.
Contents, with packing material shown above. Adequately packaged with bubble bags or wrap. The gilded sash bags are the samples they sent me. (They are also offering sample bags for only the shipping costs--$3 in the US--here.) I got a 10% discount code with order #2, but not #1.
Purchased items: My Beauty Diary 10-count natto masks box ($14.60), My Beauty Diary 10-count arbutin whitening masks box ($13.60), and My Beauty Diary cooling mask ($1.99).

The sample bags I got were different, aside from a couple of repeat products. You can choose the contents of their 'free' (minus shipping) sample bags, however.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my experience with them. I would definitely buy from them again with a coupon--which, since they always seem to have 10% discount codes floating around, could be a problem for me--for face masks especially. I might stick to buying from international online stores, or from brick-and-mortar Asian shops in my area, during sales for colour cosmetics and bottled products, though.

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