27 April 2014

EOTD: Stacked Teal Eyeliner

The drudgery of classes and interviews--and the boring, subdued makeup looks that are expected along with them--have really gotten me on a colour kick recently.

Last weekend, I pulled out a bright T-shirt, bright bandana and teal Urban Decay Flipside eyeliner.

Flipside, a bright blue-teal, has been discontinued, but Urban Decay's Deep End (in the Ocho Loco 2 set, which is now on sale) is close. Some other dupes are listed here.

Stacked liner looks are a good way to bring in colour, without getting too crazy (like with eyeshadows), and without stealing normal liner definition by completely swapping out the black/brown liner. These looks are a little better/cleaner with a liquid colour liner on top; but pencil liners, like the one I used, work fine, if you put in a little more effort.

Here's what I used:

  • Light layer of e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Bronzed, set/contoured with an even lighter layer of My Pretty Zombie eyeshadow in Cookie Pants. This coppery-brown lid base warms up, and adds depth and contrast to, the eye. After application, I used a blending brush until the shadow was sheer; again, I wanted it light--not for it to get in the way of the colourful eyeliners on top of and below it.
  • Black gel eyeliner, in a clean-edged thin-to-medium strip along the upper lashline, with an angled brush.
  • Urban Decay Flipside pencil eyeliner directly above this, in a clean strip of equal to lesser thickness than the black line; ending in a diagonal wing extending slightly past the tail of the black eyeliner. Because it was a pencil rather than an opaque liquid liner, I had to go over the liner several times to build intensity, and had to be careful to keep the line clean-edged and even. I went back a couple times with the black gel liner when I accidentally brought the teal down too far.
  • Urban Decay Ransom (also discontinued, but also dupeable) on the bottom lashline.
As usual, I didn't bother with mascara, though most other people would continue with that step.

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