11 April 2016

30 Ideas for Repurposing Makeup

Here are some ideas that I've heard often, and a few I've come up with myself, for getting use out of either products you don't like, or the remnants of ones you do.

  1. Too-dark foundations/concealers as contour.
  2. Too-light foundations/concealers as highlight.
  3. #1 & #2 mixed together.
  4. Liquid or powder foundation/concealer mixed with moisturiser for tinted moisturiser. Or add more coverage.
  5. Bronzer as eyeshadow.
  6. Liquid highlighter mixed with foundation or body lotion for extra glow.
  7. Pencil eyeliner as a gel eyeliner brush. You can play with using different shades of pencil for fun, too.
  8. Pencil/cream eyeliner as a long-lasting eyeshadow base.
  9. Gel or pencil liner for brows.
  10. Crappy cream eyeshadow as a sticky eyeshadow base.
  11. Clean liquid liner brush for nail art.
  12. Mascara with a liner brush as liquid eyeliner.
  13. Clean mascara wand as a brow spoolie.
  14. Clean mascara wand as a pipe cleaner.
  15. Brow powder as eyeshadow or contour.
  16. Brow product or eyeshadow for the hairline.
  17. Loose or broken powder eyeshadow mixed with nail polish/top coat for a new shade.
  18. Red/pink loose or powder eyeshadow (or blush) for the lipstick setting powder trick. Note: You may want to ensure that your eyeshadow or blush is lip-safe.
  19. Eyeshadow or blush on top of, or mixed with, lip product for a new shade. Again, check that they're lip-safe.
  20. Eyeshadow with setting spray as liner.
  21. Bright eyeshadow over a dark liner for wearability.
  22. Bright eyeliner under a dark/neutral eyeshadow for wearability.
  23. Neutral eyeshadow as bronzer or contour.
  24. Eyeshadow as brow powder.
  25. Drying-out liquid eyeliner pen as brow tint.
  26. Lipstick as cream blush.
  27. Lipstick leftovers that can no longer be applied from the bullet melted with a lip balm to make a tinted balm. Or, use just a little lipstick to make a clear balm that's a little more fun in the container.
  28. Sticky lip gloss as a lipstick (or blush/eyeshadow, from #15) primer.
  29. Lip balm leftovers mixed with sugar for a lip scrub.
  30. Lip balm to clean up smudged eye makeup.

Additionally, both makeup and art brushes can be repurposed:

  • Flat foundation brush to apply face masks
  • Flat eyeshadow brush to contour smaller areas
  • Eyeshadow blending brush to apply highlighter lightly
  • Angled eyeliner brush for brows
  • Lip brush to apply concealer, or vice versea

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