20 April 2013

Covergirl Shadows + Magnetic Palettes = Awesome

Covergirl mostly sucks. Given my experience with them, their liquid foundation gives no coverage; their powder is way too pink-toned; their NatureLuxe line is overpriced; their Liquiline Blast pencils are impossible to use without their own sharpener; their Flipstick shades are garish.
I do like a few of their eyeshadows, if you psychically know how to pick the shades that aren't chalky or under-pigmented--their Shimmering Sands trio works well for natural daytime looks, and the Golden Sunset trio is very pretty. Aside from these, though, I thought that my money would be much better spent on brands like Wet 'n' Wild, which has shadows of more consistent quality, at a significantly lower price.
Until I tried taking the shadows out of my broken-hinged plastic Shimmering Sands case, and moving them to the mini GlamRX magnetic palette I got in Ipsy's March 2013 bag.
  1. There's a good gap between the eyeshadow pans and the plastic casing. This makes it easy to pry out the shadows with anything--a nail file, scissors (my choice), Godzilla's toenails.
    I have the trios from before their more recent re-packaging/-formulation; but given this picture, it looks like the amount of space remains the same.
  2. The metal of the pans isn't too malleable. Combined with the space you get when prying out the pan, this is great--it won't be too easy to bend the pan and crack the shadows.
  3. The glue is relatively weak. No need for baking your palettes, putting a lighter to the bottom of the case or otherwise releasing toxic fumes of burning plastic to release the hold on the glue. (That said, the glue still feels pretty 'wet', and can take several minutes of cleaning to avoid making a mess on your magnetic board.)
  4. Best of all: The pans are already magnetised. That's right. No need to painstakingly glue tiny pieces of magnetic strip to the bottom of tiny pans; no need to purchase expensive magnetic stickers or tape. These pans will stay in your Z Palette, Unii or GlamRX palette, right where you transplant them!
Farewell, unattractive old packaging.
Hello, magnetic pan.
I might have to buy more Covergirl shadows the next time I have coupons. The Desert Bronze and Prima Donna quads look good to me.
Also, why isn't there a list of products that already come in magnetised pans? I should start one.

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