21 November 2012

Ipsy (MyGlam) Bag, November 2012: Photos

This is the third bag I've had from Ipsy/MyGlam/Rebranding-of-the-Quarter subscription service so far.

My first bag from them (and from any thing-of-the-month service) was the May 2012 one--the receipt upon which I immediately ended my description. Most of the products were... well... cheap. The one better one, the lipstick, came in a shade unwearable on its own, although it worked quite well for when I was trying to dress up as a zombie (true story).

But last month's bag, the Bombshell one, promised contents good enough to get me to try again. They finally, kinda, lived up to their promise of 'personalised beauty'--imagine that! Since they called that one their 'best bag yet'

At a Glance:

  1. The Balm - Meet Matt(e) eyeshadow single pan
    Sample: .9g/.03oz (roughly the size of one full pan from the palette).
    Full size: 9.5g/.33oz for 9 pans. Retail price: US$34.50.
  2. Chella - Eyebrow Defining Gel
    Sample: 3.5mL/.12oz.
    Full size: 5.6mL/.19oz. Retail price: US$18.
  3. Starlet - Intense Eyeliner
    Full size. 1.5g/.05oz. Retail price: US$11.00.
  4. bareMinerals - Marvelous Moxie gloss
    Sample: 2.25mL/.07oz (same size as in their mini sets).
    Full size: 4.5mL/.15oz. Retail price: US$18/CA$23.
  5. 'tini - Speakeasy Collection Nailtini lacquer
    Full size. 15mL/.5oz. Retail price: US$13.

The Bag:

A more sophisticated-looking bag, though still with budget-quality zipper and cloth.

As usual, this was mailed in a blindingly shiny magenta envelope. I feel sorry for the postal service worker who had to deliver this.

Meet Matte Eyeshadow Single:

Shade: Matt Batali, a dark matte cocoa brown. About the size of one of the pans in the full nine-shade palette. Scratched it with a fingernail to give you a better idea of what it looks like when you accidentally scratch it with a fingernail.

Chelle Brow Gel:

Clear brow gel with a mascara-like applicator.

Starlet Cosmetics Intense Liner:

Shade: black. The 'Intense' version doesn't seem to be on the company's site... yet.

bareMinerals (by Bare Escentuals) Marvelous Moxie Gloss

Shade: Daredevil, a sparkly berry wine. This half-size is the same size as in their current holiday five-piece gloss sets. This shade is in this year's Cool as Ice set.
Nice, but I'm not big on gloss--especially not $18-a-tube big. You could probably feed a village of third-world children with that money, after shipping; giving a child a tube of gloss might constitute, like, a snack for such a child. Or just an emetic, so a negative snack. Awesome.

Nailtini Nail Lacquer

Shade: Millionaire, from the Speakeasy collection. Lots of gold confetti, mixed with some green/teal; the picture on the right better reflects the colour in real life. It's pleasant to look at, but if you're looking closely at my fingers (weirdo), you can probably tell that I'm not a nail polish person. If I can't gift it this year, I suppose I can use it to enhance the Sharpie penises I draw on passed-out people...

Tomorrow: I photograph the contents of the Influenster College VoxBox I received today--while it's still bright out, and I haven't started working or shameful family-less Thanksgiving drinking.

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